W43 Updating Maps Made by Nickjer

Discussion in 'World 43' started by giraffe195, Nov 10, 2009.

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  1. well theres these dudes

    Titans and Titan in the k72,3 k 83
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  2. headlights

    headlights Guest

    cm is also a family i just saw
  3. ray661

    ray661 Guest

    *awaits map update to reflect AAA's loses* (unless im stupid and blind and it's already there xD)
  4. duhrigs

    duhrigs Guest

    lord aco left a decent size hole.

    luckily the tribe has been mostly rebuild except the big gap in the dead center ^_^
  5. headlights

    headlights Guest

    @ duhrigs

    so did bhoby, livina and stuv.

    and AAA guys like ray, harb, cookie do not hate me they hate AAA. their first victory is have me and those players out.
  6. ray661

    ray661 Guest

    no i hate you, and any other AAA member that says they're better than Frst. In general, I like AAA, still think they are nubs, but I enjoy them none the less, especially lilcheesepenguin
  7. harbinger297

    harbinger297 Guest

    I like AAA in general aswell, pez is a good guy, duhrigs isn't stupid and cheesepenguin is pretty fun to chat to. It was mostly the leadership that i didn't like about AAA, but with that changing they are kind of a different tribe now, less of a dictatorship.
  8. duhrigs

    duhrigs Guest

    effort only gets you so far...

    bhoby made a big gap, but it can be recovered.
    we have livina???
    stuvbird is banned, way to go.
    Ill chalk this hole up to your leadership.


    How is it going with the world?
  10. the ultimate battle

    the ultimate battle Well-Known Member

    Jan 10, 2009
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    i still cant believe that AAA has made it this far. they must of learned QUITE alot since i left the world (back when Back Dawn and AAA were going at it)

    still very disappointed in the outcome aswell... but eitherway. its a game :) you guys own quite a bit. and as always predicted... NUTS! and FRST own almost both halves of the world ( metaphorically of course)
  11. Pez held us together mate, give him 110% of the credit
  12. duhrigs

    duhrigs Guest

    what about heady? are we going to give him-10% credit to balance pez out?
  13. kyouske

    kyouske Non-stop Poster

    Dec 29, 2009
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    Alright so, heres my family, i know this might be hated on by alot of people lol.

    VORB , VORB-A, VORB-B, VORB-C, and USSRa who will be changing there TAG too VORB-D
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  14. slingzaar

    slingzaar Guest

    I am not a fan of family's, but I've got to say it was the best move with what you have...hopefully, it doesn't put a bigger target on your back.

  15. s1ingzaar

    s1ingzaar Guest

    The maps looks like Pepsi Sign, I like how Nuts! and FRST shape it
  16. cazzman420

    cazzman420 Non-stop Poster

    Jan 15, 2009
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    How this world has changed. Was a east vs west warring world now a north vs south. Funny how those things work. I have been taking shots of the world map since before the creation of WMD and right before the BORED! war until now. Perhaps I will share when this world goes through yet another major change
  17. The Jacal

    The Jacal Contributing Poster

    Apr 8, 2010
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    please do Cazz, I always enjoy good Maps :D
  18. -Vodkaiser-

    -Vodkaiser- Guest

    Major changes will happened for sure, maybe we will back to start or else the world end by FRST or Nuts! whatever it is all i can say is enjoy guys :)
  19. InFinity123

    InFinity123 Active Member

    May 18, 2010
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    we kill you all :D


  20. mageknights

    mageknights Member

    Jul 10, 2009
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    Haha...I enjoy my retirement....

    dasmond w38,mageknights w43 and Little Red Dot w53