Implemented withdrawing troops from a village

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I want a convenient way to withdraw specific amounts of troops belonging to my multiple villages, which are stationed in a single specific village which could belong to another player.

This should be actionable from screen=info_village.

There's already a way to withdraw troops here, but it has some problems:
  1. It's currently only possible to withdraw troops from one supporting village at a time. When you've got dozens of villages supporting, this is unpleasant to deal with.
  2. It's not possible to withdraw specific troop amounts - only an entire army. If you want detailed management you have to cycle through each individual village supporting, at a subscreen in the rally point.




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I just added an idea (not yet approved for vote) that we should be able to sort to withdraw in the same way we are able to sort to request...look out for it...hopefully it will be approved for poll.