Cats, Insults, Out Planned -> Splat.

Discussion in 'World 30' started by harlos, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. bigbadsanta

    bigbadsanta Guest

    3 mods. Oh wow. A mod is just a normal player in the game and i can name more than 3 who said you were all just rubbish. So i think we won it on that one.

    Harlos has not stopped begging with =SK= and pleading and enough is enough. If he doesnt care then tell him to stop already with the begging and making of new threads. Nobody cares
  2. Bildic

    Bildic Guest

    That is win. I was waiting for someone to post that. :)
  3. bigbadsanta

    bigbadsanta Guest

    Speaking of mails.

    Heres where your tribe failed

  4. harlos

    harlos Contributing Poster

    Jan 23, 2007
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    Wow, bigbadsanta...

    You posted the list of questions that we send to everyone just to act nooby.

    Its drenched in sarcasm. Its a joke, obviously at your expense. Its something we laugh about on skype when someone sends it. The only thing that makes it better is that you actually just showed everyone in the forum that WupWup thought you were nooby enough to deserve it being sent to you.

    That is Fail. x3 in 1 shot.
  5. Darkorc2323

    Darkorc2323 Guest

    I dunno if it's just me, but I'm missing the whole "fail" aspect of that conversation.

    Actually, it looks as if Wuppers succeeded in messing with you, considering that you took him seriously.
  6. bigbadsanta

    bigbadsanta Guest

    So your tribe threatend me with nobles which you dont have? and im the noob. Ok yeah

    Sorry perhaps you should go back begging to Trycon to be his littl b**ch. Although i dont think theyll let you in what with all of your pathetic crying.

    If your going to leave then go already and stop starting threads about =SK= that noone wants to here.

    If im such a noob tell me where your starting next world and im happy to start there. Lets see who really gets the last laugh.
  7. harlos

    harlos Contributing Poster

    Jan 23, 2007
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    Umm... maybe Im confused. Quote the threat of nobles please.
  8. edgey10

    edgey10 Guest

    Why do you people think #### is so bothered about this?

    Want to know why I didn't join #### this world? Because I was aware they were not going to be playing seriously, not that HAM!!! isn't great but you get my point.

    Harlos wins this time, end of story.
  9. Ridz 13

    Ridz 13 Guest

    Are you retarded? Why would raven make a multi- account that actually has =SK= in the name or is in =SK=? THINK. Retard.
  10. Ridz 13

    Ridz 13 Guest

    I'm pretty sure i'm one of, if not the only =SK= member posting here. Therefore you havn't seen our reaction about the hit yet just mine :p
  11. k9burn

    k9burn Guest

    I always use that excuse when I'm not doing well....for any game.

    "Yeah I'm not playing seriously"
    "Yeah I'm not really trying"
    "I'm playing with one hand behind my back"

    ...who cares? Its just trying to act self-important by belittling others.

    In any case, Harlos you did a nice job stopping Trycon in his tracks, but belittling him with this "I don't care about this world" crap --just isn't relevant or necessary. You cared enough to put a stop to his attacks--and you succeeded. Leave it that.
  12. edgey10

    edgey10 Guest

    And your excuse for not

    Its on Skype somewhere, but I don't lie for the sake of sticking up for a friend.
  13. Ridz 13

    Ridz 13 Guest

    I lolled. The IQ bit made me giggle ^.^
  14. Angacam

    Angacam Guest

    Seems a lot of people care, seems you care enough to whine like a lil girl about how no one cares.:icon_eek:
  15. Tarion

    Tarion Still Going Strong

    Oct 30, 2006
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    Sorry, but you need to pay more attention. It's been mentioned multiple times on the forum, a long time ago. The entire tribe is here to kill time, basically.
  16. Ridz 13

    Ridz 13 Guest

    The facts are:Harlos beat Trycon (Well done)Harlos posts on forum ( Fair enough, he has the right to post what he wants)Badsanta and harlos go off on random bitch comments about wether #### are playing seriously (who cares, it is after all just a game)Badsanta starts saying harlos wanted to join =SK= and is their 'bitch' ( WTF?! You can leave us out of this argument. )Sorry if i got the wrong end of the stick im tired.
  17. CBDuke

    CBDuke Guest

    I thought "Failed" means something like rimmed or caught with troops at home. How many time needed to rebuild 550 LC? 3 or 4 days? It could be called "Fail" if Trycon has not troops for now. So actually it does not look like a complete fail if he still has troops. That is ordinary story how offensive player has been cleared with lot of support that defender recieved from tribe.

    I see many players plays almost every world. Almost the same story happened in w14 in the beginning.
    related post
    Later there was a suicidal attack with all troops cleared.
    I guess Trycoon has many chances to repeat that cruel story :axemen:
    related post #2
    To prevent flaming I would want just clarify purpose of those links:
    related post#3
    He got a lesson. And next time he will not send headless attacks :)

    Everyone can be nobled. Trycon and Harlos have the same chances. This time one guy has won. He even created a thread :)

    It would be interesting what SK will do with it :) Probably nothing and that would be right. What you can to do with a village full of troops :)
  18. Super fast

    Super fast Still Going Strong

    Sep 21, 2008
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    This Means almost Nothing. All this Proves Is Harlos and his tribe know how to support there members before attacks hit. Lets see what happens After People Start nobling ( Yes I know people having Already Started Nobleing ) But you get what I mean
  19. Valpo

    Valpo Guest

    okay i agree with you that harlos outsmarted him. he obviously underestimated the possibilty of support which realy got there very well coordinated i ll give him that.
  20. Angacam

    Angacam Guest

    There is a big difference between fooling around in a world while we wait for the world we want and allowing some loud Nublet with all the tactical skills of a leafy green vegitable to run his mouth and attempt to get over on us.

    Trycon has been weighed, he has been measured, and he has been found wanting.

    LMFAO, wanting more catapults and Horsies.:icon_razz: