Funny ingame messages :D

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DoubleClick today at 17:27
Hello, im a pro player from other worlds.... my account is online 24 hours per day and later we will attack and farm our neighbours, thats because i say to you: Start new, then you will have better chanche!

DoubleClick today at 18:19
Settings -> Start Over -> Password -> Ok.

CrazayJ today at 19:00
Hello, I'm a pro player from other worlds... My account is online 48 hours per day and later I will attack and farm my neighbors. So start over, and maybe you'll have a better chance!
Here are the instructions to do so:

Go to Settings, Start Over, Password, Ok.

DoubleClick today at 19:00
Haha Funny..

CrazayJ today at 19:02
Not as funny as your failed attempt at adequate spelling and grammar, mate. Glhf.


I want 4 more points :(
Nilet699 today at 20:24
I just want to say... read your profile....

Author said:
You must have at least 50 points to join.
Recruitment Contact:

your members;

Gextiv 52 49 1
sir merlin6 53 49 1
Viperstunt 54 49 1
NinjaKiwi97 55 49 1
flyingpig 56 49 1
raininhell 57 49 1
cheesees 58 48 1
PlagueV4 59 48 1
catalin94d 60 47 1
juan pueblo 61 45 1
whyshoulditellyou 62 44 1
Sgt Chaos 63 44 1
Mat.L 64 42 1
georgion159 65 38 1
Aboy140 66 33 1
Marco5252 67 33 1

Just saying...

Dan136 today at 20:26
We are reaching our limit. We are now being more selective with our recruiting.

Nilet699 today at 20:28
Yes i get that.
What i never quite understand is why leaders of a tribe would set up a profile, and then completely disregard what they have wrote in order to mass recruit their way yop the rankings.

Dan136 today at 20:30
No we wrote that recently. We had no requierment before. Anyway we are going to cut out the players who dont help the tribe. I would also like to point out that not only is our tribe ranked higher than yours, despite the recruiting our average points are 3 points higher.

Nilet699 today at 20:31
I must commend you on this. Them 3 points are worth their weight in gold.


disregarding I know what you mean, but diamonds are in fact worth less than gold :S


Quite long, not the funniest...but it's entertaining me during the start up.

jeremymp today at 18:28
Hello Nilet699 would you like to be allys with us? plz write me bacK:) gl on TW

Nilet699 today at 18:30
Hello, allies you say? And what benefits would this alliance bring to us? I'm not sure on what allies are really......

jeremymp today at 18:31
lol help through wars and all of that stuff:)

Nilet699 today at 18:32
wars? you have to war on this game?

jeremymp today at 18:33
lololol plz dont act like a noob, yes you fight in the game

Nilet699 today at 18:34
noob? you mean new at the game right?

jeremymp today at 18:36
yes new at the game

Nilet699 today at 18:36
oh. well thats me :)

jeremymp today at 18:38
hahaha kk you know how to be allys with us or?

Nilet699 today at 18:38
no :(
i don't even really know what allies do in the game :(

jeremymp today at 18:40
lol... well i cant really explain all of it .. just ask your team mates if you should be allys with us and see wat happens kk? they should help you through it

Nilet699 today at 18:43

Nilet699 today at 18:43

jeremymp today at 18:44
lol lol lol

Nilet699 today at 18:47
i got it sorted now!!!!!!

jeremymp today at 18:47

Nilet699 today at 18:48
so who else should we be allies with??? i see loads and loads and loads of tribes! if they all have 5 spears too they we can join forces and have like, i don't know, a million spears! imagine if we attacked with a million spears!!!!!!!

Nilet699 today at 18:50
can we be friends?
like real best buds?!?!?
then we will be the strongest players in the world!!!!11!

jeremymp today at 18:51

Nilet699 today at 18:52

Nilet699 today at 18:52
so we gonna take over the world together!!!! and all our allies!!!!!!! and out million spears!!!

i like this game a lot!!!!

jeremymp today at 18:54

Nilet699 today at 19:00
why you laff at me????
i don't think you want to be my friend really do you!!?

jeremymp today at 19:00
nono you just didnt even saw the start of the game yet lol

Nilet699 today at 19:01
what you mean? i like the game!

jeremymp today at 19:02
you will see

Nilet699 today at 19:04
see what????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

don't keep secrets from me! we are meant to be bestest ffriends!

jeremymp today at 19:05

Nilet699 today at 19:05
my mum let me play this, said it would be nice for me cos i dont go out much, and now you are picking on me! i just wnt to play the gme and have big armies and big allies and lots of spears!

Nilet699 today at 19:06
god?? what about god? i will see god? there is god in the game? how u get god? TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLL MEEEEEEEEEEE

jeremymp today at 19:06
im not picking on you kid im 13, just

jeremymp today at 19:07
theres no god in the game

Nilet699 today at 19:08
well im only 9! and you seem to be a big bully! u said we could be friends and now you keeping secrets from me and saying im gonna see god. and i thort you ment in game, but now i think you meant you are going to kill me and send me to see god and the angels :(

jeremymp today at 19:09
no im not( your funny)im not lol

Nilet699 today at 19:10
why am i funny? cos your bigger and older than me so you can pick on me! not funn at all! teachers say bullying is bad! so your bad! i just want you 2 be nice to me

jeremymp today at 19:13
i am nice to you im not bully

Nilet699 today at 19:13
well then tell me what ill see!!!!!!

jeremymp today at 19:14
5 spears is not alot

Nilet699 today at 19:16
what you mean?????????????????????????????????????
thats all you can get! they gave them me! its my army for killing!

jeremymp today at 19:17
try 5000 spears 5000 swords 5000 axes

Nilet699 today at 19:22
oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if we make enuf allies is that how many we can have!!!!

i no i said a million! but i think we can kill the whole world with them!

jeremymp today at 19:22
1 person can have 24000 ( in farm)

Nilet699 today at 19:23
you caan have 240000 farmers? i DONT WANT FARMERS!!! i want spears!!! so i can killl!!!

jeremymp today at 19:24
farms are how much you can hold

Nilet699 today at 19:25
i dont get it!!!!
you can hold a farmer? you can hold a farm? what!!!!!!

jeremymp today at 19:27

Nilet699 today at 19:31
nvm? why not!!!!
see, your keeping secrets from me again!!!!!

jeremymp today at 19:32
its not a secret lol just click on help and itll tell you

Nilet699 today at 19:34
where is help?

jeremymp today at 19:35
next to forum- help- support

Nilet699 today at 19:41
where is forum?
i see overviews-reports-mail-tribe-ranking-settings-premium-notebook-logout- THATS IT!
are you keeping things fro me again??? :(
your making me sad on this new game!

jeremymp today at 19:43
its not at the top look down

Nilet699 today at 19:44

Nilet699 today at 19:44
where would i be without you jeremy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nilet699 today at 19:45
Level Requirements Workers needed for upgrade level/total of workers Maximum population
1 45 40 30 0 / 0 240
2 59 53 39 0 / 0 281
3 76 70 50 0 / 0 329
4 99 92 64 0 / 0 386
5 129 121 83 0 / 0 452
6 167 160 107 0 / 0 530
7 217 212 138 0 / 0 622

what does this all mean????????

jeremymp today at 19:49
omg nvm just figure it out

Nilet699 today at 19:50
i think i have! ive been reading lots of the help!!!!

Nilet699 today at 19:51
tells you what it costs in pieces of wood amnd clay amnd iron to build it, and then how many farmers you can hold in your villge after you built it!

am i getting good at this game or what!!!

jeremymp today at 19:52

Nilet699 today at 19:53
what? am i not right???????????/

jeremymp today at 19:53
i dont know dont ask me ask your self

Nilet699 today at 19:55
well i think i am!!!!!!1

buti think your still better thn me!

jeremymp today at 19:56
lol your a highper guy( srry i cant spell good)

Nilet699 today at 19:57
me neither! i can when i really think about it! like now!!!!!!!1
but mostly i get in a rush and spell rubbish! i do the same when i write in school! always getting told off there! :(

Nilet699 today at 19:58
i hate school! told off and people pick on me sometimes :(

Nilet699 today at 20:04
are you not my friend anymore?

jeremymp today at 20:05
i dont want to talk

Nilet699 today at 20:10
oh. why not? did i do something wrong?
i hope i didn't hurt your feelings?

jeremymp today at 20:14
you didnt you just talk to much

Nilet699 today at 20:15
oh, why?
i thought we were going to be the bestest friends, so i wanted to get to know you and more about this game!!!!

IM SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!

jeremymp today at 20:19

Nilet699 today at 20:20
can we be friends again?

Nilet699 today at 20:20
will you teach me more about the gaem?
if you do, then we could be the bestest aliies ever!
and kill everyone with our spears together!

jeremymp today at 20:27
omg plz stop talking fror 1 min

Nilet699 today at 20:29
ok! i did!
i didn't reply at 20:28, i left it a whole minute for you!
will you teach me the ways of the jedi then?

jeremymp today at 20:46
talk to me later

Nilet699 today at 20:49
ok, will you promise me to teach me all your mad dog skills?
i no your sooooooooo much better than me, but if you teach mea, i can be a good player too. i just want to be the best i can be! i want to be a real tribalwarer'er!

jeremymp today at 20:50
i didnt learn everything wat i learned i learned by my self. so you can teach your self that ok?

Nilet699 today at 20:51
how can i teach myself? i don't know anything- so i'd be teaching myself nothing!!!!! grrr what help would that be!!!!!!!!! OMG, your so mean. i thinked this was going to be a nice game...

jeremymp today at 20:53
im not mean every day every mintue you learn somthing new just explore the game

Nilet699 today at 20:56
how do you explore though? its not like i can walk round! how did you learn?
can't you just tell me a few of your secrets?

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I don't mind as long as my villa has ....
jeremymp today at 19:17
try 5000 spears 5000 swords 5000 axes
... in it!


ahh, he's back, might have to post the updated post or edit the old? whatya think?


ahh, he's back, might have to post the updated post or edit the old? whatya think?

eeh, edit the old they take a lot of space :icon_rolleyes:

@ roy: you my friend, mean high quality 'antwerp cut' diamonds (I actually wrote a paper about this), lots of people tend to forget (or just don't know) that diamond is basicly carbon.
For every HIGH QUALITY diamond (1 carat so 0.2g) they need to chip away approximatly 1 ton (1000kg) of kimberlite. Of course there is way more diamond than that, ever wondered why there are such cheap diamond discs (I really don't know the word, but they're used to cut stones and stuff)? Its because a lot of diamonds are impure and so they are unfit to be cut as a gem.


There's no 'basically' about it, diamonds are carbon.
But let's get back to the funny messages, please.