Homer has Caught a Disease!


A more in-depth analysis since the declaration of war 11.11.2011



Total Conquers since start: 220
Total against EPIC: 53 Note - does not include conquers made against Damdirtyape (21 captures) and some of ghost of sin's villages (17 caps) which if included brings the total to 91
Barbs nobled: 34
Points at start: 10,541,870
Current Points: 11.411.438
Gain/Loss: +869,568
Members Recruited: 7
Members Left: 1

My analysis: {I}, with a steady growth and influx of player owned villages to noble, is a tough contender in the top 5 and looks to give any tribe they go against a hard time. Its easy to see how well they are doing against ~EPIC~ especially with how cohesive they look. This tribe has the potential to end this war fast and clean up their Ks fast



Total Conquers since start: 181
Total against {I}: 12
Barbs nobled: 55
Points at start: 6,480,816
Current Points: 6.622.122
Gain/Loss: +141.306
Members Recruited: 2
Members Left: 5

My analysis: Unfortunately, my outlook for ~EPIC~ is bleak at the moment. Although they are showing growth since the start of the war, it will be difficult for them to maintain their growth with other powerful tribes at their doorstep. If they want to survive as a tribe, they will have to get their act together fast and come up with some results

EPIC looks to be struggling against {I}s more active member base and tendency to noble more active players. Can ~Epic~ slow down the the stampeding Infection? Or has the infection spread too far? It will be interesting to see if ~EPIC~ has any fight left in them in the next few weeks and if they can rebound and cause a huge upset against the thundering Infection
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That's a good analysis - fairly accurate too in my opinion.

I'll mention now that of our 7 recruits, only one of these 7 is from ~EPIC~. Just to make sure that it gets registered when people read the analysis.

Glad to see people outside of {I} taking an interest in this war for something other than a personal vendetta :)

Deleted User - 9047500

It seems that this Epic has reached its end.

After deliberation, the Council within {I} has decided to reveal a very interesting diplomatic mail from ~EPIC~ that we received in the early hours of the morning. A very interesting mail it is too...

Hideous Zippleback today at 01:25
I hate to admit it but I believe we have finally been bested. We've lost too many players to RL over the past month to have enough active players to keep up a good fight, the collection of good players I have left cant outlast your whole tribe, and I've played on enough worlds to know how this all plays out.

I'm currently talking with the rest of my council (FYI-I took over the Duke position from Shanda/Mrs G. when she stepped down) and will reccomend we either disband the tribe or merge the few remaining active players into another tribe. Since you deserve the spoils of war I want to offer you the partial merge offer first.

Hideous Zippleback

FYI - 10-15 members is probably all you would want from the tribe.

Our answer to this Epic?

Our victory will not be stained by mass-recruitment of a tribe who lacks the ability to give us a good fight.

We also wish to take a moment to address the entirety of W57.

Any tribe which recruits any player from ~EPIC~ since war was declared, on the 11th of November, will inherit this war.

All members of ~EPIC~, {I} is now naming a refugee.

If, after this warning, you still choose to recruit from our enemy - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

{I} Council


Congrats! As much as the entire world (I'm sure even {I}) was hoping they put up a little more of a fight, The best tribe won! I've seen the way you sync'ed the attacks on EPIC, Congratulations on the victory! :)


Well, there goes this war, epic have disbanded :(

~I~ victorious yet again


I had to look pedantic up in the dictionary but stumbled across a better word for your War in the process.

pandemic - (from Greek πᾶν pan "all" + δῆμος demos "people") is an epidemic of infectious disease that is spreading through human populations across a large region; for instance multiple continents, or even worldwide.

Egads! Is Infamy next in your litany of Declarations? People want to know!


^ coming from a little 250k player in infamy who im sure is of no value to the tribe... just dead weight


I define dead weight. :) Well no, just 99.9% of the time I just stare at the screen hoping it will do everything for me.