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Points: 7.5/10 Good total points, yet a lack of growth for a while.
OD: 8/10 It goes along with the rank I guess, and its pretty high
Position: 8/10 Good cluster, there is some food on the blocks so there is no problem yet
Reputation: 9/10 You post well written and think about what you say. There aren't a lot of people who do that these days.
Tribe: NA

Overall: 32.5/40 Good overall score, growth needs to be worked on again, lack of a tribe for some odd reason.



Points: 8/10 Over 2 million - not bad.. Very little growth and no new villages for 2 weeks though.
OD: 7.5/10 Just shy of 9 mil on ODA and 4 mil on ODD - again, not bad
Position: 8/10 Positioned well within Tribe confines - not a bad place to be
Reputation: 6/10 Don't know who you are - have been reading the forums for months and can't say I remember anything about you. Then again, on THESE forums, perhaps that's a good thing...
Tribe: 9/10 - TSL - Very solid Tribe, with very solid leadership

Overall: 38.5/40 Very decent score. I would expect at least a village or two in the last two weeks though...



Points: 8/10 top 50 would be considered good.
ODA: 8/10 10mio and growing... eat more!
Position: 8/10 plenty of nom nom in that region...
Reputation: 8/10 I know who you are... on the pnp on occasion.
Tribe: 8/10 eh... they aight



Points: 9.5/10 Rank 10, but can improve as always.
OD: 9/10 Rank 31, not as highly ranked as points, leaving room for improvement, but nice overall
Position: 8/10 Some nice clusters, but partially buried in skill?
Reputation: 8/10 Well known, liked by some, hated by others.
Tribe: 8/10 Ranked one for now, but that can all change ;)


godofwar82 alias chip ??
points: 7/10 , 2mil is not to bad
OD 18mil , 7/10 acording to points
Position 8/10 Didnt look to well, but i see you have vills near small and anonymous tribes....so a lot of grow potential
Reputation 4/10 , no comment on that ^^
Tribe 8/10 Anarhy ...and i said it all.



Points: 9.2/10 for being rank 8 :icon_wink: recent boost in growth again, something to do with REJECT?
OD: 9/10 You are very generous with your nukes, keep sharing them though
Position: 10/10 Two very large clusters, one kind of whale shaped, other... well... amoebe is a shape too I guess, lots of 'smaller' clusters that are very close, but mostly embedded in TSL territory
Reputation: 10/10 Respected on the forums by a lot (though some won't admit it) writes good posts.
Tribe: 10/10 Even though they have lost that magical first place they were at for months, they are obviously close to regaining it once they've eaten the reject members.

Overall: 48.2/50 Not much to say I guess... keep rolling like you do? :icon_cool:


Marcus the Mad

points: 561,691 join date feb 11 not very good but jumped up over 100,000 in the last week. 4/10

OD :eek:ver 4.5 mil , 8/10 over 8 times your points...you are a fighter

Position: k22 and eating WAR nicely. great till they are gone. 7/10

Reputation: 7/10 , I give you a bit higher than normal cause you do post on externals and are a fresh voice on the pnp. You may not be the biggest player out there but than again neither am I.

Tribe: LIfe????? .5/10 I am guessing this is where you are sitting till a bigger tribe picks you up. I would give you a higher rating if you were going it alone...which you practically are rather than being in a nothing tribe.

Overall rating 5.3/10 over 50%. keep eating those rejects and getting larger. A lot of players take it easy on worlds and then after summer break get re-active again. This is what I think we are seeing in you.



Thanks for the rating. Though the tribe thing is just temporary it'll be me alone soon enough :icon_wink:


Points: 6/10 410 K since 20 august. Steady growth last month but stagnated this week.

OD: 4/10 barely over 2 mil, which could've been a lot better, though that might have to do with the area you are in.

Position: 6.5/10 Mostly in K12, a nice cluster and 4 villages in ANARKY. Flanked by TSL but the burger king is on the other side.

Reputation: 9/10 You are well known on the externals, an 'old voice' but those are definitly needed to guide the fresh ones :icon_wink:

Tribe: 8/10 I do not know much about ANARKY itself, its a bit far from me and I have some other issues. From what I DO know, they are good, don't give up easily and do want to work for their status.

Overall: 33.5/50 I suppose you are preparing for the next series of ennoblements so that explains the stagnation. You have room to grow so I believe we'll hear more from you in the future :icon_smile:
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Marcus the Mad

Points: 5/10
OD: 8/10
Position: 5/10
Reputation: 5/10
Tribe: 1/10 - :\?
Overall: 4.8/10


I'm pretty bored lately so I'm just doing another one :lol:


Points: 7.5/10 Steady growth, over 1.3M which is pretty good.

OD: 7/10 More than mine in ODA alone, but then again, not really that much for your size.

Position: 7/10 Small clusters all over the place, not sure what to think of it :S

Reputation: 8/10 Hasn't been on the forums for very long but is quite known already.

Tribe: 10/10 They're eating away WAR!! quite fast and are playing the alien side of invaders in K22, with lots of them alien thingies and noone to stop them.

Overall: 39.5/50 Not much to say here.


Marcus the Mad

points: 4/10 A touch over 600k, joined feb 11 Not too impressive, but I don't know all your circumstances.

OD : 7.5/10 Comparitively to your points. Many, Many times your points.

Position: 6/10 You've got food in your area, but this all depends on your relations with TSL.

Reputation: 7/10 , I have read, and liked your posts. Pretty well known.

Tribe: 2/10 Not sure about BD. Are you planning on joining another tribe, or are you just staying there?

TOTAL: 26.5/50 Most of what is bringing you down is points, and tribe or lack of one. Not too bad considering being surrounded by TSL and alone.



Points: 9/10 Very good for join date

OD: 10/10 Very high in comparison with your points

Position: 6/10 Northern part of Anarky, not sure if there is lots of food in that area or not as of now.

Reputation: 5/10 your spur of the moment posts generally are filled with hate and flame. I'm simply giving you the 5 because I'm nice

Tribe: 5/10 Low points per player, haven't really been able to show themselves. You can't call that 1337 war a challenge really, seeing as most quit after only a few conquers.

Total: 37/50



Points: 6/10 - Get your lazy butt workin!!!
OD: 8/10 - Great mixture of ODA and ODD
Position: 7/10 - Nice cluster on the east side TSL. I think its time to get on the border. Get your workin!!! :lol:
Reputation:8/10 - Dmoronic posts :)
Tribe: 10/10 - Coz all the members here are sexy

Total: 7.8 - I ain't pimpin you to do nothing, Get your butt workin!!! :lol:



Points: 8/10 - 3 mil plenty of points
OD: 9/10 - Decent mix of ODA and ODD. could alwase be better on ODA..
Position: 9/10 - Nice big cluster to work on the old food with
Reputation:8/10 - Good rep and i know you like ratatoui
Tribe: 9/10 - Cause i think there smexy

Total: 9/10 - No ones perfect. but if there are then your nere as dammit


Golums Precious

Points: 9.5/10 - Still 3 people in front of you.
OD: 9.5/10 - #1 in ODA, #48 in ODD. Ok balance. Not afraid to throw troops at other people.
Position: 8.5/10 - At first glance you don't have a lot of immediate room to grow on the western border with TSL to your west.
Reputation: 9/10 - See you on the forums consistantly.
Tribe: 8.5/10 - Still #1 in world for now. I think the majority of the tribe is up to the task of staying on top, but only time will tell.

Total: 9/10 - Good overall. Everyone has some room to grow.



Points: 5/10 - 10 days older than me and 100K more, good growth recently.
OD: 8/10 - both are about 4.5M and thus well over your points.
Position: 6/10 - I don't know your relations with Abuse, but that is your K14 food I guess? Your other cluster in K3 can eat crispy14 if you have to :icon_wink:
Reputation: 7/10 - Not a flamer so that's good, other than that I can't say too much about you.
Tribe: 7/10 - I'm not sure how to think of this tribe, still have to see what they can do (or I just completely missed that). Unless I'm misreading things: ANARKY's BFF :lol:

Overall: 33/50 - Your points need to get a tad higher, but you know how to work with troops. Your survival depends on your diplomacy with Skill?, TSL and that ANARKY thing.


Position: 6/10 Northern part of Anarky, not sure if there is lots of food in that area or not as of now.

Reputation: 5/10 your spur of the moment posts generally are filled with hate and flame. I'm simply giving you the 5 because I'm nice

Tribe: 5/10 Low points per player, haven't really been able to show themselves. You can't call that 1337 war a challenge really, seeing as most quit after only a few conquers.

Position: Tons of food, and few enemies near by. plenty of room for me to grow, and there is tons of old vitkus villages that have no more than a D in them to eat.

Rep: Tats out of shear enjoyment. I really have nothing personal against you, but I certainly love a good flame war.

Tribe: I was only in the tribe since the end of 1337, but this tribe has been going for 5 months straight. 1337 declared on us while we were already at war, and ANARKY stuffed them, and I could argue the same point you made about 1337 about [R]. They really didn't fight back.