Sciros/R2 Terms of Surrender (Revision II)


fizz you can come back now:icon_biggrin:, vdos has died thank god along with the rest of that discrace that was lotd traitors(members who joined DL dont count).


Never had any disagreements with PKs players or leadership. Don't recally any member of PKs even hinting at the possibility either of us should leave the LFKD.


I will come back. Just have PK's create an alliance with R2 and our allies, paint up sci bright red on your map, and send me a tribe invite.


Look, alot of argument is being created out of nothing. Drxavier will just say whatever he feels like might be true at any given moment. He's said I've run from PKs, and later implied I've been kicked. He accuses me and fizzo of multiaccounting, yet then goes on to insult fizzo as my lapdog. One minute I'm a great player, the next I'm bullying smaller Sci players and can't hold my own. Same with the language thing, he's just hypocracy in constant motion.

Cor.... remember I learn all my propaganda methods from you Daz

I do find him mildly annoying .....

The feeling is mutual :icon_wink:

..... would've long since taken him out of the K78 area if he wasn't my biggest asset there.

Yeah, I'm disappointed you didn't as well, but probable real reason is you couldn't :icon_wink:

.... trust to run their ops and send support to unhesitatingly? ....

I wish I could run ops!

My op is 'I'm attacking Daz on X day, if you’re interested, send some nukes his way'.

As you know I'm not capable of a Market Garden type plan, more like over the top - Battle of the Somme.

.... He's never even wondered in the slightest bit why when I had his main cluster by me cleared out and ready to noble that I left it be.

Correct, I just don't get, I'm easy meat, just come and get me! Then you would own K78.

Perhaps because I've never lost a village to him that he's kept...
Can't disagree here sadly :icon_sad:

I can even say all this and know that Sci will only think I'm trying to discredit their great drx. Maybe they'll even send him some more support as a result :D

I like this.....Daz says..... their great drx if only it was true!

Until next time.....



That may have been one of the stupidest posts I have seen on these forums since the days of phoenixfire555... I honestly don't know what else to say to that post, other than "Thanks for the great tour of how SCI runs ops- I'm attacking *** now, plz halp!"


Was kinda cute, Daz dont clear and not noble, only I am allowed to do such BAAD things.

Noble him NOAW!


After hearing that.... please tell me they at least decide who's taking which villages :p