Funny in game mail


Cute little story <3



Having rimmed some guy overnight, he got pretty pissed;


儿子你好好玩吧,老子我不玩了,哈哈 - Hello son, fun bar, I played, I do not, ha ha

你妈的,你妈的,你妈的,你妈的,你妈的,你妈的,你妈的,你妈的,你妈的,你妈的,你妈的,你妈的,你妈的,你妈的,你妈的,你妈的,你妈的,- Your mother, you mother, you mother, you mother, you mother, you mother, you mother, you mother, you mother, you mother, you mother, you mother, you mother , and your mother, you mother, you mother, you mother

Mandarin chinese, according to google translator which failed the translate the first one epically.


A while ago, I received a request for a NAP from someone from a tribe called mirror. (they're ranked 37, point average about 30k) Of course I refused, but it seems that in a magical twist of logic, they interpreted my no as a yes. Here's the result.

princess-of-darkness on 16.12. at 18:53
i hav an nap with hot and 1 of my mebers has been scouted by 1 of urs plz tell ur members the point of a nap
much thankies

princess-of-darkness on 16.12. at 18:56
plz ignore this it seems tht the tribe cannot actually say we hav a nap
(sorry, don't have an exported version from the one below, just copied it straight from skype. Read from the bottom up.)

[15:51:34] Marshall Douglas Robbins: Marshall619 today at 08:51
Who got listed us as NAP's?
NightRambler today at 08:36
and your attitude is much worst than mine I didnt attack or scout anyone in your tribe.
NightRambler today at 08:35
if you say no I get involved and quite a few others will too, respect is a must between naps and allies period you cant respect us you are no good to us.
Marshall619 today at 07:22
Your attitude is not apriciated at all.
Marshall619 today at 06:54
Um.... and if I say no?
NightRambler today at 06:46
I am also a duke of this tribe , and I say YOU STOP IT!!!
if jinxy has a problem with it let him bring it to me, you stop scouting our members end of story.
Marshall619 today at 04:57
Talk to Jinxy about it, Ive already chatted with him.
NightRambler on 16.12. at 19:12
Since we have a nap with your tribe I request that you stop scouting our members.


This is one of the things I love most about being a duke. You get tons of these funny applications, diplomacy requests, etc...


Rofl Nightrambler is the biggest idiot ever to hit this world, he threatens me. Then starts attacking me, then ends up sun bathing on the rim, and still he's shouting his mouth off.


Here is one I got from a guy I was nuking.

Get Some today at 05:07
hey is there a particular reason y you are attacking me...

hlmartin today at 05:16
Well, are you in RIS? I believe that would indeed be that particular reason.
But lets break it down some more:

There is an average of 8000 axe men and 3000 LC per nuke, Plus 250 Rams.
That sir, taking the horses and 4 men per ram, into account is 15,000 mouths to feed per nuke!
Now Lets say I have 100 nukes, then I will have 1,500,000
mouths that I am responsible for. If I don't send them off to war,
the hlmartin department of defense will not pay them.
No pay, No Nice RIS underpants hanging off the flagpole, you get my drift?

Commander in Chief
hlmartin 53rd Parabat Division
-Assumos Positionos-